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The gourmet cuisine of the Hotel Gran Ander

A continual search for authentic, harmonious flavours

The Gourmet Hotel Gran Ander in Alta Badia offers specialities from traditional Ladin, Tyrolean and Italian cuisine, using old recipes of our ancestors, revisited and reinterpreted in an innovative style without foregoing simplicity, authenticity and genuineness. At the Gran Ander we are dedicated to bringing our passion for Ladin culture and the nature of the Dolomites to your table.

Passion for cooking in the family

A family passion

For generations, the Irsara family has cultivated an unrestrained passion for food. An inestimable baggage of culture and experience, recipes and culinary secrets, which the younger generation continues to add to, without ever forgetting their roots and the education they have received.

Local products from Val Badia and the valleys from the Dolomites

Products from the valleys of the Dolomites

The provenance of the raw materials is of utmost importance in our kitchen. The milk of cows allowed to graze the mountain pastures, the fruits and mushrooms from our woods, the meat of the animals living on our mountains, the cheeses and cold meats prepared with great skill by our farmers are what makes our dishes so successful.

Vegetables from the home garden

Vegetables from our vegetable gardens

Despite the climate, the vegetable gardens of the Val Badia produce a great variety of vegetables, which we always include in our recipes.

Products farmers of South Tyrol

The farmers of the Val Badia

We collaborate closely with the farmers and breeders in Val Badia, from whom we personally select the best meat, speck, cheeses, butter and eggs. Our relationship of trust allows us to bring the best flavours of the Dolomites to your table.

Ladin cuisine Gourmet Hotel

A genuine cuisine

We pay close attention to ensuring our dishes maintain the flavours of the raw materials. All the processes have been studied and perfected to keep the nutritional values intact. Fresh and genuine is a must!

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