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Top 10 experiences in Alta Badia

What to see and do during your holiday in Val Badia

Here you’ll find some walks, places to visit and landscapes to admire in Alta Badia. Experiences for your holiday in Alta Badia, recommended by people who work enthusiastically at the Hotel Gran Ander every day.

The church of La Crusc

Sanctuary of Santa Croce - La Crusc

The tiny church of Santa Croce stands in an enchanting location at a height of 2000 m beneath the slopes of Sass dla Crusc. The church dates back to 1484 and has always been an important destination for pilgrims. The building harmoniously standing alongside was built in 1718 as the home of the verger and today offers a place to eat.

I recommend it because: It is easy to reach via the chairlift or on foot. The view over the alpine meadows of Puez and the majestic Sass dla Crusc are sublime.
Suggested by Rita Rita
Mountain bike tour Pralongià-Störes

By bike from Piz La Ila to Armentarola

Take the cablecar to Piz La Ila, where several paths wind across the alpine meadows to Pralongià, from where you’ll descend via Störes to reach the fascinating meadows of Armentarola. From here you can easily return to the station below Piz La Ila without getting off your bike.

I recommend it because: If someone asks me for a panoramic itinerary by mountain bike, I am in no doubt you’ll have fun here.
Suggested by Andrea Andrea
Huts Fodara Vedla - natural parc Fanes-Sennes-Braies

From Pederü to Sennes via Fodara Vedla

A trek in the natural park of Fanes-Sennes-Braies to be taken in summer or in winter, when you may be able to enjoy the descent on a sledge. The trail begins in Pederü close to San Vigilio di Marebbe and along the path you will find two pleasant refuge huts.

I recommend it because: The typical mountain chalets of Fodara Vedla and the alpine meadow of Sennes with the slabs of stone from Sass dla Porta in the background are images you won’t forget in a hurry.
Suggested by Evelyn Evelyn
Birthplace Saint Ujöp Freinademetz

Roda from Oies and a visit to the Saint

In 1852, the Saint Ujöp Freinademetz was born in a poor, very religious family in Oies. After studying in Bressanone, he began a 5-month journey to China, where he dedicated his life to the Chinese as a missionary. Today, you can visit his birthplace and the nearby church dedicated to the Saint.

I recommend it because: A pleasant walk takes you to Oies from Badia along the Via Crucis and it is extremely interesting to find out about the life of one of the eminent Ladin figures.
Suggested by Rita Rita
Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor

The Ladin Museum in San Martino in Badia

A museum dedicated to everything there is to know about the Ladin people and their territory: from the history to the geology, from the language to the local crafts. A story made even more fascinating by multimedia tools and historic finds displayed in the ancient castle of Ciastel de Tor.

I recommend it because: This is the best way to learn about our culture and our world, and your children will certainly enjoy a visit to the Ladin Museum.
Suggested by Evelyn Evelyn
Armentara meadows Alta Badia

The meadows of Armentara from Badia

You can take the car or walk to Valgiarëi from the Hotel Gran Ander. Go through Razuns to reach the fairytale meadows of Armentara and on to the Ranch de André, where you can find something to eat. The return journey via Furnacia and Arciara completes the loop.

I recommend it because: This is my favourite walk, beautiful and different throughout the seasons. In winter with snowshoes, in summer on foot or by bike, you can dive into one of the most beautiful corners of Alta Badia.
Suggested by Evelyn Evelyn
Cheese Alta Badia - Chi Prà

Visit to the farm and dairy Chi Prà

The hill farm of “Chi Prà” stands just a few hundred metres from the Hotel Gran Andrea in Badia. It produces different types of genuine, craft cheeses, ricotta, butter and natural and fruit-flavoured yoghurt. You can buy these specialities with their unique, unmistakeable flavour from the shop near the farm.

I recommend it because: This is the farm I myself go to in order to purchase top quality products, made with skill and passion, the essential ingredients for my culinary creations.
Suggested by Andrea Andrea
La Villa

A walk from Badia to La Villa

Starting from the Hotel Gran Ander, you can reach the little lake of Lech from Sompunt and then continue to the village of La Villa as far as Alting. From here, you walk alongside the Gadera stream through Adang and back to Badia.

I recommend it because: It is an extremely pleasant walk for everyone, which allows you to explore the area around Badia and La Villa.
Suggested by Rita Rita
Refuge Gardenacia

An adventure in the natural park of Puez-Odle

From our hotel, you climb through the woods and then take the steep path up the Val di Valacia as far as the peak of Col Plü Alt. You can then have lunch in the Gardenaccia Refuge Hut before descending to La Villa along the very beautiful path, which takes you first to Sponata and then to Lech da Sompunt and back to Badia.

I recommend it because: This fascinating, yet not heavily used trail takes you through woods, alpine meadows and on to high altitudes with glimpses of rare beauty of Sasso Croce.
Suggested by Andrea Andrea
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