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Gourmet restaurant in Alta BadiaStüa dla LaGourmet experiences in the stube of the 17 century

Gourmet Restaurant Stüa dla Lâ in Alta Badia

The Gourmet Restaurant of the Hotel Gran Ander in Badia

Since 2013, our Gourmet Restaurant in Alta Badia has been proposing the best dishes in Ladin, Tyrolean and Italian cuisine, reinterpreted and revisited with a modern, innovative touch. Our gourmet bistro, Stüa dla Lâ, takes the gastronomic philosophy of the house and reflects the strong link between our chef Andrea Irsara and the Ladin territory at the table. A simple, creative, genuine cuisine, which prefers local ingredients and pays special attention to keeping alive the flavours and nutritional values of the raw materials.

The three tables in the traditional environment of our Stube of 1700, completely lined in wood and heated with the traditional, Ladin stove, enable us to offer excellent tastings in an atmosphere in keeping with the philosophy of our restaurant. Mentioned in the famous gastronomic guides “Gambero Rosso”, “Michelin” and “Touring”, our restaurant Stüa dla Lâ in Badia gives you a true experience of a taste of the Dolomites to carefully accompany the bouquet of the great wines.

La Stüa dla Lâ remains closed we have allowed ourselves some time to work on a new project
as soon as there is news, we will let you know thank you very much for your understanding

we would like to remind you that it is always possible to eat at the hotel restaurant

Restaurant Michelin Guide Alta Badia

Restaurant Bistrot Stüa dla Lâ has been mentioned in the renowned Michelin Guide 2018, 2019, 2020.

Restaurant Due Forchette Gambero Rosso

We are extremely proud to have been nominated as Ristorante Due Forchette - Two Fork award in the renowned guidebook, Gambero Rosso.

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The chef of the Stüa dla La: Andrea Irsara

The chef: Andrea Irsara

Andrea Irsara was born in 1974 into a family and hoteliers in Badia. He trained at the hotel management school in Bressanone and Merano, and acquired his culinary culture and skills from his father Germano. He had various experiences in Italy and France, including the famous restaurant Schöneck in Falzes, which influenced his cooking considerably. A great enthusiast of the Ladin territory, he takes his passion for food from his grandmother, after whom he named his restaurant. He spends his free time skiing or cycling through the woods, in search of peace and the inspiration for his creations.

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